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What is Devil War?

'Devil War' is a massive multiplayer online game that you can enjoy with the hundreds of thousands of users.
To defeat powerful devils from hell, you will need good equipment, a variety of skills, and dependable colleagues. Develop your character by completing quests, purchasing equipment and improving skills. Compete with other users to save the world through chaotic duels and cooperative raids.

How to gather Gold?

You can earn a steady income of gold by receiving quest rewards or completing skills training. In addition, you can battle with other users to compete for gold or bounties a good way to practice.

How to level up?

You can level up to increase status. Gain experience through duels and quests.

How to win battles?

- You need the help of your party members. it’s important. You should get party members with similar levels or higher.
- You and your party should prepare by purchasing equipment.
- You should Acquire skills useful for confrontations. (Needlework, Leatherwork, Gathering medicinal herbs, First aid, etc.)
- Attack and defense status bonus increase your attack and defense abilities. (Effectiveness increases with higher skill levels)

When you level up?

- Your character will develop with 3 ability points.
- You will recover strength, health and Mana.
- You can buy additional equipment or develop new skills once certain levels are achieved and quests are completed.
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About 'Devil War'
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