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Character Status Display

Icons that appear at the top of The Devil War are as follows.
- Level: Character’s current level
- Experience : Experience necessary to reach next level
- Gold: Amount of gold currently held (Excluding amount held in Bank)
- Strength: Amount received while completing quests. It increases by 10 for each specified time period.
- Health: Amount received while completing quests. It increases by 1 for each specified time period. Every battle consumes a certain amount. If less than 20, you cannot fight nor be attacked other players.
- Mana: Amount received while completing quests. Every battle consumes 1. It increases by 1 for each specified time period.
- Rune : It can used to buy rings.

Status Points

Receive status points by leveling up, completing quests of various degrees of difficulty, and defeating monsters through Raid Monster game play.
Status points can be used for the following.
- Increase maximum strength: Total maximum strength increases
- Increase maximum health: Total maximum health increases.
- Increase maximum Mana: Total maximum Mana increases. (2 status points needed)
- Increase attack: Attack damage inflicted increases in proportion to level.
- Increase defense: Defense increases in proportion to level.


- Acquire status, gold and loot through quests.
- You must meet requirements (strength, party members, equipment, level) to complete each quest.
- You can receive additional gold and status when the quests are completed. Bonuses increase depending on difficulty.
- Receive status points when you complete quests depending on level of difficulty.
- There are two kinds of battles: duels with other characters and duels with devils.
- Characters are affected by equipment, party size, skills and abilities, and status.
- You can battle together with the same number of party members as your level. (For example, Level 1 = You + 1 party member, Level 2 = You +2 party members, etc.)In addition, party members will share equipment. Your party will use the most effective piece of equipment when attacking and on defense (weapon, helmet, armor, shoes and rings).


- You can attack or defend depending on your equipment.
- You can purchase equipment with Gold or Rune. Receive 50% of the purchase price when you sell equipment.
- Equipment required maintenance fees. These fees will be subtracted from gold income.


- There are production skills and combat skills.
- Skills training costs increase as you level up.

Raid Monsters

- Battle Devils that control each area of The Devil War.
- Cooperation with other players is necessary to defeat Devils of enormous strength.
- Retreating from the Devils allows them to recover strength and health.
- Receive Rune by successfully defeating Devils.
- Earn huge rewards after the final battles with Devils.


- Other players will attack an on your behalf when you offer a bounty and information about an enemy.
- Be careful, however, as others will receive credit if successful.


- Compare your strengths and abilities with your enemy’s by infiltrating with scouts.
- Scouts will provide information on or be caught by the enemy.


- You can invite other players to your party if you know their party codes.
- You need other players’ permission to enter their party.


- You can deposit your gold in a bank.
- Other players cannot take the money you have deposited in the bank. However, there is a 10% deposit fee.


- Recover 100% of your strength here.
- This expense increases as you level up.


- You can buy Qubes with iTunes.
- Use Qubes to purchase/re-charge special equipment and/or skills.


- View information about or remove yourself from the party.


- You can enter the recommended character party code.
- Recommendation is possible only once per device. Recommender will receive Cube.
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Basic Steps
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